I am driven by intentionality, creativity, and empathy and am deeply curious about humans.
This natural fascination fuels my dedication to design user-driven solutions with the purpose of improving quality of life for individuals and our society as a whole – holistically, ambitiously, and ethically.
Junior @ the USC Iovine & Young Academy
B.S. Arts, Technology, and the Business of Innovation
I have a strong desire to make what is functional beautiful, initially based on instinct, and now based on technical knowledge through academic courses that cover the properties of materials, fundamentals of art, theories of design practice, and tools of 2D & 3D visualization.

I have grown my visual design, user research, and design strategy skills most recently through internships with Harvard Business Publishing, the USC Convergent Science Institute in Cancer, DCL Health, and DC Design.
My mind works nonlinearly; making connections between seemingly isolated thoughts, ideas, people, and disciplines gives me energy.
Who I am today has been sculpted by 13 years of training in ballet on the pre-professional track and being a maker from a young age – starting my first business at age 12 to sell my handmade items. I grew up in the heart of Silicon Valley, strongly influenced by the vibrant, creative energy around me.