Harvard business publishing
Fall 2020
Iovine & Young Academy: Impact Lab
Team Project
Our team of Iovine & Young Academy undergraduate and graduate students were presented with Harvard Business Publishing's challenge of expanding the reach of their rich library of 27,000+ business case studies to a younger, undergraduate audience. We set to analyze, critique, and expand upon the early prototypes of HBP's current solution.
The team researched and ideated creative responses to the prompt, finally deciding to perform extensive pilot testing and dig deeper in 4 new directions. I co-led two of these directions, one focused on a standardized assessment for responsible business, and the other focused on making learning more engaging by implementing interactive media and project-based learning into the lessons and assignments.
Harvard Business Publishing is an entity that has created the gold standards for successful business. COVID-19 has brought to the forefront inequalities resulted from American enterprises. HBP's influence inspired me to think about the impact the institution could have if they amplify the values of responsible business among younger entrepreneurs.

The interactive media initiative was inspired by the virtual learning modality we have been forced into during COVID lockdowns, and exploring the opportunity to increase student engagement in this new modality.

* final work under nondisclosure agreement.