movement: ballet
Fall 2020
Iovine & Young Academy: Impact Lab
Team Project
I began ballet when I was 4 years old. This incredibly detail-oriented, multi-dimensional art form captivated me in a way nothing else has done to me. Technique and artistry come together in a way that allows the art to enhance the athleticism and the athleticism to enhance the art.

Ballet has had incredible influence on me – it truly shaped me into the human being I am today – teaching me to have a high standard for good quality work, showing me what real, hard work, commitment, and dedication looks like, and providing me the goal of striving for balance in all that I do. It was the one thing that defined me and that everyone knew about me more than anything else.

At age 15, I was diagnosed with a heart condition and told that I could no longer continue training on the pre-professional track. Taking a step back from the ballet world has only grown my appreciation for it immensely. I continue to explore what it means to dance through photography, choreography, and free movement for the sole purpose of enjoyment and expression of the self.
documentation & honors
Youth America Grand Prix: International Ballet Competition - 2016
Semi-Finals Senior Division Classical: Top 24
Received Full Scholarship to Ballet West Summer Intensive 2016

World Ballet Competition - 2016
Finalist: 1 of 80 dancers selected from around the world to compete in the 2016 Finals in Orlando, Florida

Encore: National Dance Competition - 2016
Classical Solos: Ultra High Gold
Contemporary Solo: Ultra High Gold
Top 20 Overall
Received National Convention Scholarship

Youth America Grand Prix: International Ballet Competition - 2015
Semi-Finals Junior Division Classical: Top 24