brain living wall installation

My early passion for making led to my involvement at a public makerspace, starting in middle school, where I learned to use cutting-edge tools and materials. When I realized that my friends could not relate to the experiences I was having, their fascination with my making skills prompted me to found a Maker Club to democratize making at my high school.

In our first year, we received a $1,000 grant, which allowed me to lead 20 students from ideation to creation of a 6'x6' illuminated brain-shaped wooden living-wall. Creating the installation required woodworking skills, knowledge of electronics & sensors, irrigation systems, and attention to aesthetics. The mural embodies our school's values of learning, creativity, diversity, and environmentalism. We exhibited it at the largest Maker Faire in the world––exposing the members to the greater maker community for the first time––and received approval to install it permanently at our school.

In running the club, I emphasized the process of creating something from concept to completion, while providing opportunities to use a variety of tools like 3D printers, bandsaws, and laser cutters, think about form, and experience iterative problem-solving when one structural system didn't work and a better solution was necessary.