product design
(n.) where form and function unite to respond to a challenge with a creative solution.
           a. physical product design: 3D
           b. digital product design: UI/UX
pulse wearables
[3D | physical] [product management] [entrepreneurship]
conversations across the aisle
[UI/UX design] [project management] [web development]
[productive political discourse] [empathy]
pointe sock
[3D | physical] [prototyping]
[sports wearable]
brain cancer holistic care app
[UI/UX design] [user research]
harvard business publishing
[UI/UX design] [business strategy]  
[education design] [socially responsible business]
conversation chair
[3D | physical] [furniture design] [prototyping]
[conversation & community]
heart failure remote monitoring app
[UI/UX design]
carlo mollino research
[3D | physical] [design research] [design history]
[CAD] [3D rendering]
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