conversation chair
Summer 2019
California College of the Arts – Industrial Design
Individual Project
Conversation is about community and making connections. So why should the physical barrier of not enough seating be a hindrance to continuing or expanding a conversation? Many current forms of seating make expanding a conversation and including others uncomfortable because there is not enough room in the circle.
The Modular Conversation Chair forms a circle, with the users sitting inwards, facing each other during conversation. When others come to join the circle, the lack of room can be conveniently and comfortably solved. The modules can easily be inverted and added to another module, allowing for infinite expansion of the chair, and on a broader level, the conversation, community, and circle.​

The cardboard prototype is life-size, supports multiple body weights on each module, and is able to be compacted and unfolded so that it is easily shippable and portable.
Given the prompt of designing seating, I thought about what the purpose of seating is in the first place, on a deeper, humanistic level. In such a disconnected world losing human interaction and connection, I decided that I wanted my design to encourage the idea of community, conversation, and inclusion.
Materials: Cardboard & Bike Inner tube

Chair must be collapsable & able to be easily shipped.